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Take the Edu.Cat STEM Challenge

Engage and excite your students in science and STEM

  • Edu.Cat is a new Australian Curriculum aligned Feline Education Program in Tasmania.
  • Edu.Cat is an innovative education program developed by experts in education and cat welfare to foster responsible cat ownership.
  • Edu.Cat is designed to empower and inspire students from Foundation to Year 7.
  • Edu.Cat provides incursions and workbooks that ignite student engagement in the science curriculum through STEM Challenges.
  • Edu.Cat provides a practical teacher guidebook with tailored activity plans based on hands-on team challenges relating to student’s everyday lives.

Edu.Cat is FREE to all schools in Tasmania, including incursions, teacher guidebooks, activity plans, student workbooks, posters, online resources and more.

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Phone:  03 6278 2111


Address:  12 Selfs Point Road, New Town


Weekdays:  10.00 - 4.00

Weekends:  10.00 - 2.30

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