These are the beautiful faces of Millhouse and Barney – two gorgeous kittens glowing with health and happiness.

But sadly, something is missing in the photo – their brother Homer.

The ‘Simpsons kittens’ came to us in April this year after their mother couldn’t feed or look after them.

Ten Lives provides everything rescued cats need to rehabilitate and find their forever home with loving people.

This includes daily nutritious food, warm bedding, hygiene and grooming so they can thrive. But it can also include emergency medical treatment when lives are in the balance.

This is the terrible situation we were faced with when the ‘Simpsons kittens’ – Barney, Millhouse and Homer – arrived at our Centre in April this year.

As our Head Vet Dr Tess Vitesnik recalls: “When they arrived at our centre, they were severely malnourished, emaciated and covered in disease-ridden fleas. They were in a terrible state.”

Tragically, they came to us too late for Homer to survive. But thanks to the support of our amazing donors, our veterinary staff had everything they needed to immediately jump into action and provide the urgent life-saving treatment Barney and Millhouse needed to gain their tenth life.

Once they were well enough, the adorable brothers moved to foster care to continue their recuperation, before returning to the Ten Lives Centre again for microchipping, desexing, vaccinations and the best part – adoption!

While Millhouse and Barney found their forever homes quite quickly, unfortunately, not every cat in our Centre is that lucky, with some cats waiting up to six months or longer to find their new home.

It costs over $650 to care for just one kitten waiting for adoption. But the fee for adopting a kitten is only $245. As a not-for-profit organisation receiving no Government funding, we rely on generous people like you to help cover this financial gap so we can care for every frightened little kitty coming into our Centre.

Worryingly, it’s been a bumper kitten season this year, and we have so many more cuties coming in than usual. And with Winter just around the corner, we urgently need your help to care for them all.

Please make a tax-deductible donation today to Ten Lives to ensure that every kitty can have a happy ending just like Barney and Millhouse.

We're counting on your support - because cats like Barney & Millhouse count on Ten Lives.


Don’t forget that donations received before June 30th can be claimed as a deduction in this years tax return.

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